About Studio Elite


Studio Elite has dedicated itself in providing the best upscale collection of desi clothing around the world. The mission is to provide quality clothing at exceptional prices. The designers study the latest trends in the desi clothing fashion, and provide the trendies collection of outfits. Studio Elite offers wedding wear for men and women. Studio Elite has satisfied over 1000’s of customers, and intents to satisfy many more.

Studio Elite participates in the latest fashion shows, casing their collection.


Studio Elite is one of the leading brands in the desi clothing industry. We are proud to say we are heavily involved in casing the latest trends in the industry. From Pakistan to USA, we have hosted over 100’s of fashion shows, and intend on hosting many more. Studio Elite has become one of the biggest sponsors in the industry, and has reached more customers worldwide. We are glad to say Studio Elite will become the leading luxurious desi clothing company in the world.